I Dig Dugout Drama

May 31, 2015

I’ve said it before: I really appreciate Wes Young’s beautiful baseball photography. It is giving a richness to the photo documentation of Peter’s high school baseball experience. I am generally pretty occupied with scorekeeping during the games, so not able to run around with a camera, for one thing. For another, my iPhone doesn’t have the range, nor sophistication to zoom in for these marvelously candid shots; Peter wouldn’t feel comfortable with my intrusion into his personal space anyway (though it’s quite okay by him if someone else captures these moments). But most especially, I don’t have the eye that Wes does. His sense of drama, his composition, his understanding of the game, and his willingness and patience to seek out these shots, and polish them up in post production, is in a class all its own.

I’m just glad he passes these along and is okay with my including them in my blog. They will forever be a part of Peter’s and our baseball memory.  For which I’m deeply grateful.

Here are a few from recent weeks.

This first one was taken at Sac City on May 14, during DHS’s final game of the playoff season. This is a game they lost, which ended not only the season, but also signified the end of a lot of baseball careers. It would be the last game Dan Ariola would coach his eleven graduating seniors… which may account for that look on his face. (Either that, or he’s dumbfounded by some painful, costly error made by a Blue Devil…) (And if that’s the case, at least the guys sitting next to him on the bench aren’t responsible.)

Pictured are Mason, someone I can’t make out, Brendon, Ray, Peter and Coach Ariola.

boy in dugout with dan

These next two were taken yesterday in Fairfield… a more lighthearted moment (first games of the season are like that). I’m going to guess a high, pop-up foul that didn’t get caught…


Image 1

My smily guy.

2 Responses to “I Dig Dugout Drama”

  1. Chris Smith Says:

    That’s a trilling tautogrammatical title! And the double entendre did not go unnoticed.

  2. Kari Says:

    Love this comment! Not too bad yourself.

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