Mellow Mommies Day

May 10, 2015

Continuing the theme of weekend mellow, Mother’s Day was largely spent lounging poolside.

In keeping with loose tradition, Matt and Michael hosted. Mostly what we did was this:


Foreground, Jim and I under the cabana thingie, and over there: mom and Matt playing gin rummy, Michael with feet up on table. Chris is in the house snoozing.  On the perfectly audible sound system: a whole bunch of 60s and 70s rock.

Here’s a close up of the cabana scene:



These guys are running around amusing everyone. Nearly everyone.


Let’s see if I can name them… Joey and Klondike in back, little Sophie in front. Little Sophie is really tiny:


Is she adorable or what?

Here’s Matty and Klondike. He loves these dogs, but they are totally Michael’s idea and it’s all he can do to limit the acquisitions:


John and a 7+ months pregnant Alexis dropped by for a while… she celebrating her first Mother’s Day (it counts!). They are so wonderful and will make very good and interesting parents. Can’t wait.


And just a nice pic of Michael, Alexis and Matty:


Matt made a really great dinner of stuffed chicken (with prosciutto, cheese, spinach), basmati and baked squash:


And this for dessert:


(…a tribute to yesterday’s birthday.)

All nice. As usual.

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