First Game Down

May 11, 2015


Just so you know, and for the record, the sweet Davis High School varsity baseball team had a barn-burning, fan-rousing game to open its playoff season–excitingly at home. It was a bit of a see-saw battle, having gone down 0-3 in the first inning and having needed to do a little clawing to catch up, which it did, with a run here and another couple there in the later innings to tie things up, and then in the bottom of the seventh managed to load the bases and set things up nicely for Q, who was presented with a nice, right-down-the-middle (they call it fat) fast ball that he drove into left-center for an RBI single, enough to win the game. The poor Rocklin pitcher.. had to pitch to him–meaning had to go down the middle–because he sure didn’t want to walk in the winning run (walk-off walks are so mortifying). So Q got a good one to hit and did his job: blasted it into the outfield to get the run in. Next, the dugout cleared; the boys stormed the base runners on the field, especially Q, and looked like a whole bunch of blue jumping beans. Which was pretty cute.

One see and one saw. But we saw’d at the right time to stay alive and see a second playoff round. Scheduled for Thursday at Sac City College, it’s another win-or-go-home game.

Fingers crossed.

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