And Yet Another Birthday

May 9, 2015

For those counting, we’re up to 86.

Holy moly.

Not to sound anything but totally delighted and grateful, but it’s a little surprising. My mom keeps beating the odds. It’s probably because the odds makers never seem to take into account her cast-iron constitution and stubborn feistiness. She has never, ever done anything according to anyone’s expectations.


She is, and has always been, Ms. I Do Things My Way.

If you’re a newish reader, or perhaps missed an entry or two, this one tells a little of her story:

The birthday day was mellow.. mom and I enjoyed a marathon of gin rummy (most games of which she won) and Jim enjoyed some marathon napping. Then, Matt, Michael and Chris joined Jim, me and mom for dinner at a new place, Lou’s on the Hill.


Lou’s finely-tuned 21st century vibe reverberates in a syncopated rhythm of vibrant colors and rich textures, warm woods, sensual fabrics, artful tile accents, and bespoke design details that entertain the eye and imagination.

Unquote. And sic.

Interesting enough–they have a few kinks to work out–and Lou himself took pretty good care of us (especially after the snafu with the elevator designed to deliver mobility-impaired patrons from street level to the second-story restaurant.. ahem).

Some things were exceptional (my salad, for example) and some were not (my pasta was inedible–sticky, clumped, cool and completely devoid of any flavor, the kind of effort you’d expect from a junior high cooking class learning the do’s and don’ts of pasta making).

But it was still a lovely evening.

Here’s my artsy fartsy of Matt and Chris, across the table, through my empty wine glass:


Here’s another, because I guess when the wine runs out, you have to find other things to amuse… or more likely, after a glass of wine (and a martini before that), you start to think that you’re some fancy schmancy session photographer who can do anything with an iPhone and that Digital Camera World is just waiting for your next masterpiece.


I took more of these than I care to fess up to. It was quite the photo shoot.

We were treated to some wonderful house desserts (best doughnuts I’ve ever eaten) and then we came home to presents… Mom with magnifying glass to read the cards. Cute, no?


She opened:

– Jay’s unique box of Thai treasures (nobody has a greater gift gift than Jay)

– Matt’s and Mike’s lovely, totally-mom, sassy grey knit sweater 

– My, Jim’s, Peter’s, Chris’ very risky CD player and two CD books for Mom’s listening pleasure (Mom is hostily, stubbornly tech averse). 

Jury’s out on that last one.

Next up: Mother’s Day.

5 Responses to “And Yet Another Birthday”

  1. basykes Says:

    Your mom reminds me of mine when she was that age.

  2. Elliot Margolies Says:

    Happy Birthday! The DVD player I got my dad was promptly returned.

    • Kari Says:

      Oh Elliot, I can relate. We also bombed with a Kindle on her 80th birthday. She never got a computer, no email w/ the kids and friend, no Skype chats, no Googling anything imaginable, no YouTube videos of her favorite singers from yesteryear, no Facebook… nada. 😦

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