Back Roads

May 19, 2014

Another day, another bunch of great adventures and sights.  And another evening when my cotton headed brain can’t possibly form the sentences to describe all the photos I want to share…. so…. just uploading and will provide detail later.  Again.

After a lovely morning on the deck with large mugs of coffee, tweeping birds and expansive views, we packed the car with guidebooks and headed north to Taos via the “High Road.”

First stop was “El Santuario de Chimayo,” a town and church that attract thousands upon thousands of people seeking healing. They say up to 30,000 alone participate in the Good Friday pilgrimage each year.  Most dig a small shovel full of red dirt from an anteroom in the church and take it home, or write messages on stones that comprise these giant crosses, or make their own crosses out of twigs and attach them to fences, or post photos of ailing loved ones, or just sit in the circle, or …  it’s quite a place.  I have lots of shots of all this, but for now, here’s one of the famous church:



Then we drove up and up and up, through Truchas and Las Trampas and past Penasco and Picuris Pueblo.. it was all incredibly beautiful. Some shots along the way:







Then, it was Taos.  That included walking around downtown a bit to look at art and architecture:



Then we wandered down Ledoux Street and stopped in at the R.C. Gorman gallery for a very long and enjoyable conversation with a guy who knew a lot about Gorman’s life and his work (here is a bronze statue out front):


And here’s inside:


Then a stop for lunch on the patio at the Taos Inn.. this is green chili and dark beer:


Then a little bit of shopping:


(just a couple of pillows, really..)

Then it was out of town, past the mountains..




And over to a bridge that crosses the Rio Grande Gorge:



The gorge… yikes.



And a view from the bridge… quite unsettling.


And then we were on our way to Abiquiu to see where Georgia O’Keeffe hung out.. but not before we found a road that went right down to the river and we couldn’t resist going down:


(It was a little scary.. very steep, windy, slippery gravel.. but we got to the bottom and it was worth the initial scare.)

THEN on to Abiquiu. Here’s a road shot:


When we finally got to Abiquiu, we were disappointed to find out we couldn’t just visit Georgia O’Keeffe’s home. But I did get a shot of the view from her home… this is what inspired her… the Chama River valley and surrounding mesas and mountains:



On the way back to Santa Fe, we stopped in Espanola to get some food to go.. this place is pretty well known for its great food.. in particular red chili (we tried green earlier). There were a steady stream of people who came to the window and ordered food to go… we felt like locals!



And back. Pooped. Will fill in details later.




2 Responses to “Back Roads”

  1. Teresa Cheyney Says:

    Love the pictures! Do you remember that Espanola is where we stayed when we gathered for Dad (Jim’s) 80th birthday? Enjoy your trip!

    • Kari Says:

      I totally do, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Couldn’t remember the name, couldn’t find it online… it has vaporized.

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