Bleacher Culture

May 24, 2014

We watch a lot of baseball.

We sit in a lot of bleachers.

Some weeks more than others, but, a lot of each.

This week, we’ve been driving over to Sac City College to watch the varsity boys battle it out for the Sac-Joaquin title.  They’ve now clawed their way through the series of games and elimination rounds to become the champs of the northern section. Huge deal. Next week, they’ll vie for overall champ.  They haven’t gotten this far since 2004, so it’s cool.

The pics below are from yesterday’s  championship games.

The JV season ended a couple weeks ago, and the summer American Legion season began today. Today they played a double header in Petaluma. (And won both games.) I didn’t take pictures–busy with scorekeeping as I was.  The boys play another game tomorrow.

Anyway, life in the bleachers:

Ya got your JV players cheering on the varsity:


(Noah, Ray, Peter, Solly)

Ya got your high school principal cheering on the team:


(Way to go Principal Brown.)

Ya got your parents, (who’ve been doing this, and loving every minute of it, since T-Ball).


Totally loving it.