Then and Now

May 2, 2014



This is a photo of Peter and Daniel working through some signs. Maybe. At least that’s what we’d like to believe.

It was Crush’s first season, the fall of 2008. They are 10.




That was only five and a half years ago, but a lifetime for them.

A couple of days ago, right after school, I dropped Peter’s bat bag off just before practice. We met, as we typically do, at the corner of Catalina and Covell, adjacent to the JV field.  Daniel had just re-parked his car (yes, his car) on Catalina so it’d be close when practice ended.

So here they are, one big 16 year old and another nearly 16 year old, walking together to practice.


Still playing together.

(Note: It bears mentioning, that when Peter was a teeny toddler, I’d take him to Central Park to play on the play structure.  I’d take him to all the parks in town, but frequently, when at Central Park, we’d run into retired DJUSD superintendent Floyd Fenocchio, whom I used to work with, and who was taking care of his grandson, who happened to be the same age as Peter.  And, yeah.. that was Daniel. Little did we know then, that five years later, they’d both start T-Ball, and five years after that, they’d be on the same travel team. Both had been selected to play in the District 64 tournament for their respective leagues, and when a brand new travel team was formed with the best from each of those teams, Peter and Daniel ended up playing together.  They played for four years together on Crush. Both then made the freshman team, and this year, both made the JV team. We still see Floyd at all the games. Been a great ride. Hoping it continues..)