Mom’s the Word

May 11, 2014

A day in several parts:

Jim, Peter and I started the day with a walk over to and up Skunk Hill.






Then we all headed over to Eric and Staci’s for a LOVELY Mother’s Day lunch and hang out with their brood, Aunt Ellie and Uncle Bud, Bob and Tam, Matty and Chris, Mom, us, and Staci’s parents.

Peter really enjoyed playing with his cousins… here they are at a relatively sedate moment: Ry (5 in a couple weeks), Kate (9 in a couple weeks), Courtney (7) and P:



I didn’t get very many worthy photos today, so will use the few good ones I got… like this one of Chris:


Then we went over to Matt’s to have a quieter celebration of Mom’s 85th birthday… just us immediate family folks: Mom, Chris, Matt, us and John came by, too, before work. Here are Matt, Chris and Mom in the kitchen.  Biggest political discussion was over the minimum wage, with Matt the restaurant owner not wanting anyone to tell him what to pay his employees, and pretty much the rest of us arguing for a living wage.

Yeah, nothing to do with Mom turning 85 or anything. But at least people are smiling.



Peter drove us to all the venues, including the John Wayne Airport, where he and Jim boarded a flight for Sacramento tonight.  They’ve now landed and are on the shuttle home… yay.

Good Mother’s Day/Birthday weekend.  Here’s a parting shot–taken yesterday: the two people who are the subjects of Mother’s Day for me: