May 1, 2014

Peter announced with great fanfare tonight that, for the first time in history, he is the heaviest guy in the house. Image

This is his weight after a big Guadalajara dinner and with clothes on, and includes about 2 lbs of dirt from today’s windy, dusty game, but even if he accounted for that, and he’s only 141 or thereabouts, he’s still in the lead.

I am running a too-close second, but am happy to say the gap between first and second is widening. Happy for Peter–who just can’t gain weight fast enough–and for me, since, you know, I’ve been working at going down the scale, with some success I might add (day 54 of latest effort, and counting). I’ve now got my sights on Mr. Last Place.. hoping to one day reclaim that distinction. It’s been a long while, and will be a long while, but it shall be.

I’ll keep you posted.