A Day in the Fe

May 18, 2014

Yeah.. I’ll work on that title later.  Again, way too tired to write (and apparently to come up with good blog titles), but a day worthy of many, many photos.  Here are a few that tell today’s story.  And again, I’ll come back and fill in with detail later, but for now:

Started the day on the deck, taking in the daytime view.  Uh… wow.  Nice place we got here..



Then, after breakfast, packed up and headed into town for the day. Parked over by The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. Didn’t go inside today (looked around yesterday), but got a nice perspective on its front facade:


Then wandered through the Palace of the Governors, had lunch at a quick burrito place, then spent a lot of the afternoon at the New Mexico History Museum.

Learned a little about this (sigh)..




and a lot about the many different periods in New Mexico’s incredibly interesting history.

Unrelated to all of that, there was a fascinating exhibit on the top floor on pinhole photography.  Outside that exhibit, was this piece that I just loved (note the shadows cast by these tiles… see the individual faces..):


(It was great in person!)

Then walked over to Canyon Road.  Whoa… in my many trips to Santa Fe, I’d never seen this.  Touristy, ya, but wow… lots and lots of incredible art.  Here are a couple shots:




And, I found the most perfect end tables for our bedroom.  This may take a little convincing, but I fell in love with all this guy’s work. Take my word for it: whimsical, handsome, fun, well-crafted, unique. While the photo doesn’t do it justice, the colors are fantastic (and did I say perfect?):




We ambled off the main drag and into a residential neighborhood.  So lovely. So Southwestern. So many doors, gates, walls and flowers.  A feast:



Ended the day with a long stay at a sidewalk restaurant called El Ferol.  Had just planned to have a drink then go out to dinner back in town, but got the notion to contact Richard Lowenberg to see if 1) he were in town and 2) if he could join us somewhere for dinner. He was and he could, so he did.  We decided to stay there for dinner and had tapas and some nice malbec/syrah wine. Both good.  Seeing rl was a great unexpected pleasure.

Here we all are.  Happy.






3 Responses to “A Day in the Fe”

  1. basykes Says:

    I just love your entries and photos…even tho I don’t comment much

  2. […] mentioned here, I was pleasantly ambling up Canyon Road in Santa Fe, a mile-long stretch of gently curving road, […]

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