Hikes, Hills and Halls

May 20, 2014

Leftovers make great breakfasts… a bit of Cafe Pasqual’s enchilada, some fried banana, yesterday’s chips –> chilaquiles with hot red chile from the take out… can’t really do better than that. Plus dark chocolate and coffee while the eggs were cooking.


(Those healthy things in the upper left? Grapes.)

Then we hiked.  Not hiked so much as strolled through the Audubon’s land at the very end of Canyon Road. But wow, it was nice to get out and smell the conifers.





Just a couple miles, were all. But nice.

We drove around some of the neighborhoods up on the hill… some lovely non-Californian fence design, including the ever blooming cottonwoods that are distributing blossoms all over town and causing lots of sneezing hereabouts:





Next were a pair of museums. First, the Georgia O’Keeffe, which, happily, had an exhibit called, “The View from Abiquiu.”  Explained a lot the place I was confused about yesterday.

Some shots:

Here’s G.O’K (really, what’s not to love?):


This is a bit blurry, but explains the exhibit:



Here’s her view from Abiquiu:


And a picture I shot yesterday:


(Cool, huh?)


And another of her paintings.. down the valley:


Her very wonderful kitchen, just because:


Love those built-ins.

We also went to the New Mexico Art Museum which was lovely, small, and worth the visit. Saw a couple really nice G.O’Ks there, too, but couldn’t take pictures of them.  The courtyard was really pretty.. ristras all around.


And a nice exterior shot of a Santa Fe downtown building, mostly because I can’t get enough of the architecture and sky.


Came home and took a snooze on the deck (sorta) and enjoyed more sky:


Dinner at the Shed coming up…

… now back.  On way to the restaurant, enjoyed this sky:


The Shed was fine. I was expecting a more fine-dining experience, but it was, instead, a taco, burrito, enchilada, margarita kind of meal.  All good.

Tomorrow, we leave.




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