May 8, 2014


I’m reminded of the book by Calef Brown, Polkabats and Octopus Slacks.  Peter’s Aunt Teresa and Uncle Chad gave it to him when he was a little guy, and it was a huge favorite of his… though Jim and I were probably much bigger fans.  I wrote about Funky Snowman, one of the poems in the book, a few years ago here. Interestingly, that blog post remains the Life of Wry entry with the greatest number of hits… by orders of magnitude.  Seriously, that blog post brings them in in droves. (The Brazen Little Raisin post is a distant second!)

Anyway, here’s what came to mind when I saw this photo (and thought to myself, “how greenish!”):

Clementown is greenish,

the people tall and leanish,

the dogs bark very loudish,

but not because they’re meanish.


The food is rather reddish,

delicious radish relish,

there’s never any rubbish,

that would just be foolish. 


Well, you know… you have to know that poem, and it has to be something you read a lot back in the day, and it has to be a poem that, to this day, you think about whenever you say, or even think, the word greenish.

By the way, photo taken today at UCD arboretum. Lake Spafford.


2 Responses to “Greenish”

  1. Love it! And love the photo. That bench used to sit right under the tree long ago when i worked in Mrak Hall, and that is where I spent many a lunch hour… sitting and daydreaming…

  2. Teresa Cheyney Says:

    We heard about that book while we werer driving somewhere and listening to NPR. BTW, that is the only time we can listen to NPR, when we are driving.

    The author was being interviewed.. We both enjoyed hearing the author reading some of the poems. Glad it was a favorite of Peter’s.

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