Over the Hills and Through the Woods

May 9, 2014

Or, down I-5.

To Grandma’s house we go.  Annual trek south for Mother’s Day, Mom’s birthday (this year, her 85th) and avoidance of Whole Earth Festival.  (Kidding on that last one… I used to enjoy WEF a lot.)

So, this characterized our day.


Partially notable was the fact Peter drove, I rode shotgun and Jim snoozed in the back. When I wasn’t snoozing in the back. Partially because Peter only drove for a portion of the trip–the piece from Davis to the West Sac Subway (yes) and from Santa Nella to the Paso Robles cut off near Coalinga.  Just two out of the eightish hours.  The bloom is off the rose a bit, as he prefers reading and playing 2048 to keeping vigilant on the interstate.  Can’t blame him for that.  But shoot.. less  snooze time for us.

But, dang, he is great company.  Really great company.  Love that kid.



2 Responses to “Over the Hills and Through the Woods”

  1. Teresa Cheyney Says:

    Happy Birthday to Ina! Great job, Peter, on the driving. I love a road trip. When Uncle Marty and I traveled from Salt Lake City to Tucson to Grand Canyon and back to Salt Lake City I did all the driving (2500 miles) except for the one night that Jim (your dad, not my dad) drove us all out to dinner in Williams.

    Happy Mother’s Day (tomorrow) to Ina and Kari! LO!

  2. Elliot Margolies Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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