Season’s Wrap

May 7, 2014

The Davis High JV baseball team played its last game today. Ten weeks and 26 games (this doesn’t count the weeks and weeks leading up to the start of the season).  Lot of baseball.

For Peter, it was a great season. He got stronger as the season went on, securing a spot in the starting lineup, usually at second. He got some playing time at third, a little bit at short, and pitched in 7 games.

For us, we’re just happy he enjoyed himself, tried hard, and did about as well as he could have done.  His confidence is up and he’s got some momentum leading into the summer season, and he’s enthusiastic about it, so that is great. We will just enjoy that.  As I’ve said all season, every day he gets to play for DHS is a great day. No sense looking too far ahead. Nothing is certain going forward, so best to have fun while he can.

The team did well this season. They were 17 and 9 overall, and in league play were 12 and 3. The Delta Valley Conference has six teams (we played each team three times); some are strong and some are terrible.  Davis’ only league losses were to the Elk Grove Thundering Herd (all three games), who went on to win the conference title with a 13 and 2 record. Close!

It was sort of fun to close the season with such a challenging opponent, and it was especially fun that Peter got to be the starting pitcher in our last game. He pitched okay, held them to three runs over 4 1/3 inning, and for a while Davis was actually in the lead, but things got sort of funky in the last two innings. All three of Elk Grove’s final runs came in on walks and hit batters with bases loaded. Frustrating. Coach Creely registered his disdain for the Elk Grove tactic of leaning into pitches to draw a HBP. Hrrmph.

Lots more to say about the season, but then this would read like a baseball article; can’t have that.

Instead, here are some pictures:

Peter’s final at bat: a hit (lucky nobody was covering first as several players went after his bloop single that dropped just out of the infield) and an RBI.


Peter ended up with pretty solid batting stats for the year, which I don’t think anybody expected. He got to bat in the #5 spot today, which I think he both loved and earned. Another nice stat: he went the entire season without a single strike out. He wouldn’t let me bring that up for the last couple weeks in order not to jinx him.  So I guess that worked.

[Enjoy this. Enjoy this. Enjoy this.]

Okay, so enough baseball speak.  Here are some shots from a great-little-find-of-a-restaurant–The Squeeze Inn–where eight of the guys went for the post game dinner. Wish the other six had joined, and even the coaches, but there will be a more celebratory banquet in a couple weeks where a more formal season wrap-up will take place. Or not. These Davis coaches don’t go in so much for these sorts of bonding and camaraderie building rituals. The guys gotta make their own fun. And, they do.

The Squeeze Inn:




Here’s what one might eat in this out-of-the-way diner:


I’m not kidding. That is cheese spilling out of the burger, fried with the burger and crisped on the grill. Insane.. Not that I would have ordered one, diet that I am on. You should have seen the baskets of fries, especially the crinkly sweet potato fries. I’m going back someday for the full experience. (My chicken taco, while also fried, cheesy and extremely tasty, was not the way to go.)


Here are Noah, Danny, Gooey, Peter, and Ray:


And here are Tyler, James and Solly (and a bit of Noah again):





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