Brick by Brick

August 18, 2021

Our brick got laid today. Jim, Peter and I are now sorta memorialized at the corner of 2nd and E, which is kinda cool!

Wendy Weitzel covered the story for the Davis Enterprise and says it better than I would.. so I’m borrowing her words (this is an excerpt of a longer piece):

Centennial Plaza casts light on Davis history

A beautiful city centerpiece. A historical record. An educational tool. The Davis Centennial Seal and surrounding plaza are all those things and more.

Installed May 25 in front of the Dresbach-Hunt-Boyer House at 604 Second St., it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 1917 incorporation of the city Davis. In the works since 2016, it includes a 6.5-foot circular bronze seal designed by Davis artist Susan Shelton, surrounded by landscaping and commemorative bricks.

Shelton, best known for ceramic wall murals and a bronze seal (designed with fellow Davis artist Donna Billick) on the West Steps of the state Capitol, called the Davis Centennial Seal “a crowning piece for me.”

The design encompasses scenes of “overlapping and intersecting themes” distinct to Davis’ human and natural history. It explores themes of aspiration, community, cooperation, leadership, innovation, engagement, global citizenship, stewardship, vision and optimism.

“I think because of what Davis has meant to me very personally in my life, and the love and devotion that I put into it; I think it makes it a very special piece for me,” Shelton said. “Delving into the history really gave me a greater appreciation and deeper understanding as to why this is such a special place to live.”

Though it’s on city property, the public art was a years-long culmination of work by area residents, using mostly private funds. Bill and Nancy Roe donated $60,000 and helped guide the project. They recruited 11 other donor groups who contributed $5,000 each: Jennifer Anderson and Doby Fleeman; Guneet and Bubly Bajwa; Manny and Debbie Carbahal; Camile Chan; Jim Gray and Robin Affrime; Carol and Gene Livingston; Foy and Barbara McNaughton; Roger and Claudia Salquist; Tandem Properties; Louise Walker of First Northern Bank; and Reed and Susan Youmans.

This is Susan’s bronze Centennial Seal getting lowered into place:

Photo (taken by Rachel Hartsough) courtesy of the Davis Enterprise.

It is a beautiful piece, so detailed, and worth checking out in person. And you can see our brick while you’re at it. This shot gives a little sense of the neighborhood.

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