August 19, 2021

Honestly… such a waste of money, time, resources. A recall was always in the plans, even before Newsom did anything in office. It’s simply the only way republicans can worm their way into power: manipulate an election in an off year when nobody’s paying attention (certainly not dems who are relaxed for the first time in 4 1/2 years and enjoying summer), make sure reps votes in gargantuan numbers, and steal the big prize of a seat.. the governor’s. In a state where dems hold pretty much everything BECAUSE A SIGNIFICANT MAJORITY OF VOTERS ARE DEMS, the only way to get anywhere is to cheat. I mean reps could stand for something, they could try to come up with better ideas, they could try to serve the people of the state, they could EARN the vote of the majority.. but that’d be too.. I don’t know.. honorable? Decent? Governmenty?

Look at this ridiculous ballot. The voter guide was even more ridiculous because it actually included the campaign statements and biographical info on the 47 (was it?) candidates. Not an impressive bunch.

We have to wait until September 14th to see how all this comes out. In meantime, I’ll do my part to get out the dem vote. If dems turn out, Newsom will win.

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