Hidden Treasures

August 7, 2021

First, it must be noted that it is still very smokey hereabouts. As I write this, I’m looking out the window at a bright reddish-orange sun that is sinking westward. It’s cool looking, but is not a good sign. Here’s a pic of that glowing sun in an otherwise darkish late afternoon sky.

As a bookend, here’s the sun this morning, rising in the East. This picture was taken/posted by the Mishka’s folks:

I hate to complain about smoke, when, for those actually in the line of fire (so to speak), it’s so much worse.

Today’s memorial for Rick — who died last December, but whose memorial had to be delayed due to covid — was postponed, this time due to fire danger and unhealthy, smokey air. Given all the people who undoubtedly planned to be there from all corners, I’m sure today’s cancelation was a big headache and huge disappointment.

On the other hand, I have two friends who are at weddings today, and fortunately, for people and events along the coast, it’s a beautiful day. Whew for them!

Well. Here in the brown valley, it was mostly an inside day… not counting a quick trip to Farmers Market (AQI was in the 40s this morning (150s now) which was manageable) and a couple hours in the garden wrangling runaway melon shoots, and cutting back surplus tomato vineage (gosh.. isn’t vineage a word? WordPress’s spellcheck doesn’t think so.).

Here’s the enormous (much bigger and denser than it may seem) pile of stuff I removed from the beds to make room for the fruits and veggies that are trying to make a go of it (because, wow, those vines were growing like gangbusters, wrapping themselves around everything and burying the zucs, cucs, basil, berries, etc. Jim was afraid they’d soon overtake the patio furniture!).

I should have taken a before shot to illustrate how extensive the melon and tomato growth had become. Jim was serious when he feared for the patio furniture. But this after shot gives a little idea of the spillage. This is mostly ambrosia melon (there may also be a honeydew in there). I cut that tomato way back as it looks like it won’t be productive. I decided a little spillage is okay, especially as there looks to be a LOT of melon coming.

You can see how long some of those melon shoots are… this is watermelon escaping the bed and heading west. I decided to let some of those grow at will.. along with some tomatoes that seem not to be bothering anyone on the back side …

And here are some shots of little munchkins trying to grow:

A sweet little strawberry…

A little glob of eggplant (on a plant that has yet to yield a crop):

(The other eggplant variety has given us a rich bounty for nearly two months now.)

I believe these are ambrosia melons…

This is a watermelon!

Not in the raised beds, but here’re five (FIVE) figs!

I’ll close with this mistake of a shot, though I like it. I like that this kind of gardening lends itself to wearing flips.