Today By The Numbers

August 16, 2021

45: Minutes spent lazing in bed reading Facebook before actually getting up

5: Every single day’s goal for number of seconds between waking up and getting up

30: Minutes spent sweating on the stationary bike

50: Minutes spent doing my stretching/strength workout

9: Number of gin-soaked raisins I consumed to minimize overall body inflammation

20: Number of ounces of cafe au lait I drank while sitting on the patio at Cloud Forest Cafe

2: pats of butter I put on my toasted doughy white bagel at lunch with Jim at Crepeville

4: Minutes I got to spend on a phone conversation that Peter was having with Jim

2: Number of tries it took to produce an adequate supply of spit for today’s Covid test

50: Number of postcards I wrote to democratic voters in Roseville reminding them to vote NO on the California Governor recall election next month

Dozens: Number of interviews and analyses I listened to regarding Biden’s messed up effort to pull Americans out of Afghanistan

2: Number of Metagrip thumb braces I ordered to deal with my increasingly arthritic trapezium

4: Number of tries it took Jim and me to finally get that super heavy mirror back up after it spontaneously fell off the wall yesterday and, miraculously, did not break

6: Number of pints of cherry tomatoes Jim and I harvested today, along with 2 yellow zucchinis, 1 green zucchini, 1 eqgplant, 1 pepper, 2 large stalks of basil, and 9 large chard leaves

1: Pretty good dinner that I winged (I’m a recipe person), consisting of cherry tomatoes, eggplant, basil (and a bunch of other stuff) served over angel hair pasta

1: Number of episodes of Offspring I will watch with Jim as soon as I’m done with this blog