August 2, 2021

I was the appetizer person at last Sunday’s Dining Divas. This means, not surprisingly, that I contributed the appetizer course at our quarterly dinner gathering. I made chevre with herbs and lemon. It came out so well (I thought), I made it again tonight and served it to Sabrina and Bill. Because I’m a great fan of filling up before dinner, I made another appetizer (tzatziki) and added a dish of castelvetrano olives for good measure (because … I just love castelvetrano olives…could eat ’em all day long). I think I have my Mediterranean bases covered here — France, Greece and Spain.

For the goat cheese ap, the recipe calls for basil, chives and parsley. I harvested the first two from the garden (yes I did!!).

Finely chopped it…

Added minced garlic, pepper and some lemon zest & juice, and rolled a log of plain goat cheese through it until the cheese was fully covered, and served with Village Bakery bread (or whatever).

Here’s what it looks like…. goat cheese w/ herbs and lemon on left, tzatsiki on right and castelvetrano olives beyond.

And really.. who needs dinner?