Freeway Activism

August 17, 2021

Today’s activism took the form of bannering: Pelz bike overcrossing, I-80 morning commute, long banners (one about 7′ long, the other about 27′ long) visible in both directions each screaming NO to this ridiculous, bogus, sham of a recall election happening between now and September 14.

The strategy of the No on the Recall folks is to make sure democrats in the state know that there is a recall election happening (so many are NOT aware of this) and to ensure that democrats return their ballots (all voting is via mail ballots, how easy is that!). Should be a slam dunk, but it is not.

Many (most?) dems are in cruise mode right now. Biden won, the country’s in good hands… and it’s summer. People are tired of, and not paying attention to, politics. I mean, it’s been a whacky 5 years, right? Everyone needs a break from the crazy.

The republicans are taking advantage of this and mobilizing their voters like gangbusters. They are motivated. Dems, on the other hand, are blissfully engaging in life. Even if they are aware of the election, they know we are a solid blue state, Newsom won by a significant margin in 2018 (62% of voters supported him for governor), he’s doing a fine (enough) job… they can easily sit this one out.

At their/our peril!

So…. bannering.

(Maril, our recall organizer, took the picture.)

I literally get eleventy-hundred texts and emails a day from Gavin’s panicked peeps. Seriously, they are relentless.

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