Tale of Two Immune Systems*

March 1, 2021

(*) credit to Jim for the title.

Jim and I got Pfizer #2 at 1:30pm yesterday. The rest of the day was fine. The night was fine. The next morning was fine. I even attended a 7am leadership meeting for SD/IY and gave a 10-minute report on the successes-failures-improvements of the Comms Team: fine.

But then started feeling wonky. I thought I was just tired from a late night and early morning. Then I got super cold. Then started to feel slow. Took a hot bath to warm up, and found myself moving slower and slower. Temperature said 100.2. Had a nice conversation with Peter… but then really needed to lie down. Now temp’s up to 101.6 and the headache’s kicking in. The rest of the day was full-on flu symptoms, including a little bit of nausea.

And a sore arm.

Jim, on the other hand: nada. Which we don’t know what to make of. Usually, I sail through whatever we may have been exposed to and he’s the one who gets sick. He barely got a sore arm.


You know what I figured out? We got our second dose of vaccine on February 28. They say that 2-3 weeks from your last dose, you can expect full immunity (well, as full as you’re going to get with these vaccines) …. and that puts us in the third week of March. This is precisely the week when the threat of the virus became a thing — one year ago — the week that California began to implement safety measures and the pandemic year began. I started a pandemic journal that week. I’m still keeping it daily. This was page one:

A bit of a clumsy beginning on the documentation…. but once the page is turned, it’s one page per day and notable things are noted. As one does w/ a pandemic journal. I expect to keep it up until life has returned to normal. Mostly. We’ll see.

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