It Spring. Bring It.

March 21, 2021

First day of Spring. Either today or yesterday… I never know. In any case… a rebirth. In about a billion ways in 2021. We are ready. WE ARE READY, I tell ya. We don’t want just any Spring. We want the mother of all Springs.. a truly new beginning. We are ready to leave last year in the dust.

With that….

Yesterday was one for the Spring record books… sky-wise, weather-wise, redbud-wise. I went out in the afternoon on an errand to the Coop, but took one look at that sky and hung a hard right… headed south instead, had to see what the arboretum was looking like on such a day.

And this is what:

(Well, this is our front yard sycamore.. I just love the seasonal transition when many of the trees still don’t have leaves, but Spring is definitely in the air.)

And some trees DO have leaves, and some trees have blossoms, even…

Here’s a pretty buncha blooms….

This is becoming one of my favorite spots to take a pic… Lake Spafford…

A couple of redbuds are still hanging in there… over by the law school:

Love the craggy oak branches.. and clouds and sky and sun…

And the photographer.. she of the grey hair!

And see? Totally ready for a change.