We’re going to make a new tile table. (“We,” she said.) I picked up the tiles today.

This will be the top (it’s 16″x16″):

The four surround tiles are leftover field tiles from our guest bathroom remodel a couple years ago. We had tons of this stuff and ended up giving it all to Donna the ceramic artist (whose eucalyptus-themed accent tiles we used in our bathroom), who has since been using it to design beautiful tile-top tables. And because we gave her so many tiles, she decided to thank us by giving us an arty arrangement that we could use to make our own table (including four of our original bathroom tiles!).

Donna’s also the tile artist who helped us design a coffee table for the living room.. which I can hardly take my eyes off of.

The bathroom:

The coffee table:

Anyway… the field tile surrounds a center mosaic of tiles that I just love! Here’s a close up. Eventually, we’ll bind them all together with some kind of mortar and mount them on some kind of base… wood or more likely metal. It will be an outdoor table, part of our new backyard where we hope to spend lots of time!

Neato, huh?