OCD, GSD Kinda Day

March 15, 2021

What to blog, what to blog….

:: It was a GSD kinda day and that felt great. Cranked thing after thing out. Checked so many things off the list, then refined lists, and consolidated lists, and holy cow.. productive.

:: Reintegrated weights, bands, reps, and all manner of strength exercises back into the daily routine. Righteous feelin’.

:: Finished making dinner at 1:15pm, including, to Jim’s amusement, setting the table. Thanks Crock-Pot. Funniest line of the day goes to Jim: “What, you couldn’t get the dishes done ahead of time?” It was an arrow right into the heart of my fussy OCD-itude.. which I totally got (and loved). (Note: I am tending to get way out there on the OCD scale these days… wonder if it’s a sign of aging?)

And honestly.. that’s about the whole of it.

Here’s a pic of the slow cooker shredded green chile, green salsa chicken w/ jalepenos, garlic, green onions, cilantro, various spices and assorted accoutrements, over yummy brothy rice.