Number Two, Y’all!

February 28, 2021

And we’re not talking poops.

I seriously feel like we are in a rebirth. It’s spring, so there’s the traditional rebirth stuff: flowers are blooming; tree blossoms are popping all over town; the green of new leaves, new crops, and new ground cover is brighter than bright. The air is warming up, the breezes are still a little biting but feeling lighter and softer. And with our garden nearing the end of the installation & build phase, we will soon have vegetables to plant which will feel like spring as never before!

But…. in addition to that kinda annual spring excitement, there are a couple more things making this moment feel more transformational than usual.

  1. Biden. Nuff said. We are in a whole new day politically, daily news-wise, planetarily. Bring it!

And….. drumroll…

2. Vaccine regimen complete.

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine #2 on board! Awaiting reactions… So far, 7 hours later, just a sore arm. We hear that the first shot is like boot camp, the second is like a war game with full deployment of all immunity soldiers… meaning, #1 kinda gets all the virus fighting parts in place, #2 gives them something to practice on. This is not to say that a lack of symptoms is a sign that your body will not fight when the real deal comes along (most won’t react to the second shot)… but rather it’s a warning that some people will react and if you’re one of those you shouldn’t be alarmed. So… we’re waiting to see which camp we’re in .

All that aside: incredibly, deep-breathingly happy to be vaccinated. Eager to mingle masklessly with other vaccinated folks!

One Response to “Number Two, Y’all!”

  1. Elliot Margolies Says:

    Glad for you and Jim. Hope it was symptom-lite! I got mine yesterday. So thankful and humbled by the process and the health workers. Some achiness and not a great sleep, but it looks like I’ve gotten off with a light touch.

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