Perseverance and Normalcy

February 18, 2021

I tell ya. It’s enough to make ya cry. And today, it did.

It’s nice to cry not because I’m so frustrated and blindingly angry and Just.So.Overwhelmed by the daily assaults of the [last] [so-called] president. Now, I’m just so grateful for the current president, and for NORMALCY. Just your government at work, doing things like responding to governors of states hit by snow and freezing temperatures, frozen power plants, burst water pipes, loss of power and suffering citizens…. responding with the aid requested. So simple: the state’s in trouble; they need help. President responds, like a decent guy. No punishing a state in need because they voted for the other guy. No withholding aid because you’re a vengeful and petulant man-child.

Biden granted state-of-emergency status to Texas, even though Gov Abbott found a way to blame democrats for their (Texas’s) inept preparation for this kind of disaster. Abbott blamed (cuz ya gotta blame somebody) frozen windmills (which represent only13% of Texas’s power, and, by the way, are working fine in other states and countries) and the green new deal for his state’s failures. Where have I heard this story before?

No matter. Biden’s helping: sending generators, money, assistance, all manner of support. For the people, no matter their political affiliation. Because that’s the way that works.


Okay, much better than that:

I watched today as Perseverance landed on Mars.

And this is the part where I started to cry:

Biden, of course, is not responsible for today’s success, but I feel like I’m ready to start celebrating the good things that happen in this country, and the people that make them happen. And these rows of NASA scientists made me think of my dad, just a little, and my grandpa and uncle(s) and other scientists who are smart and contribute to our knowledge base… and Peter, and Peter’s friends who are the future scientists. And I was just all happy for science and discovery and the craziness of the precision of landing a rover on a distant planet, and for all the things we will learn. Holy cow, happy.