Ends and Odds

February 16, 2021

It was a funny little day…

Started with a trip to Howard Shempp’s office (well… after my Tuesday morning walk with Vickeroo) to replace a crown that’d come off last night when I was working on a chewy, sticky hunka licorice. A crown coming off is, apparently no big deal, but nobody told me that (well.. Jim did). I was a wreck.. all freaked out and wanting to burrow deep under the covers and wake up with my crown back in place. The mere idea that I had an exposed weirdo tooth with dried concrete all over it gave me the creeps. Also, it’s extremely disconcerting to be having your way with a wonderful hunk of smooth, rich licorice only to hit a rock of solid gold (but having no idea what it actually was).

Anyway… by this morning, I’d settled down and the whole appointment with Howard was a scant 20-minutes long, including the numbing part… so truly no big deal. Hardly a story. (But I told it anyway… I’m such a ninny.)

Between meetings this afternoon, had a nice conversation with this fellow:

(That crazy covid hair!) And look at his weather!

This also happened… (yesterday, actually.. but got a good look at it today):

Jim provided Ruben’s crew with a plan and a string line in order that they locate the poles exactly for the future installation of our artisan metal panels (as it were). Eventually, the panels will be attached to those poles and Jim will finish them off in some attractive way. They’ve been ordered, are in production, and will be ready in about a month or two. Slowly, slowly it’s coming together..


The evening concluded with a neighborhood drama: the two-hour disappearance of neighbor Mary. Between Terri to the south, her sister-in-law Karen, Mary’s friend Linda, Mary’s daughter Maria in Arizona, the police department, the mailman and a kindly woman who found her lost on Mace Blvd, all is now well. Bottom line: Mary should not drive. She should definitely not drive at night… even if it’s just to fetch a nice bottle of wine to share with Terri and Karen over dinner.