Soap Frugal

February 2, 2021

Soap frugality! Not something I ever expected to write about. I’m not frugal about much, I’m sorry to say. But, here’s evidence that maybe I’m changing my ways.

This photo was actually taken two days ago — two showers ago. And my soap is still a going concern. Today, my soap is so tiny it’s hard to keep in my hand while lathering. But it does still lather! It’s been cracking me up for about the last two weeks. How long can I make it last?

~ ~

Not as funny as a teeny tiny soap flake that I’m trying to squeeze a few more showers out of… but still funny:

This is the first sentence in the impeachment defense brief filed today by the ex-president’s lawyers, who seemed not to proofread their document before submitting it for next week’s impeachment trial.

I mean really.