Out and About

February 12, 2021

Even as I’ve been gripped by the latest impeachment hearing (the events leading up to it yet another assault on our country–just the latest in a looonnnngggg string of injustices perpetrated by this stupid, immoral, corrupt, thankfully-ex-president), I’ve gotten out a few times for some outside dining and walks on budding spring mornings.

Spring’s come to Second Street, right in front of Mishka’s where drinking coffee outside’s starting to get really pleasant again:

Every day I can, I head over to Cloud Forest for their Valley Veggie sandwich and, depending on the temperature, coffee or a smoothie. Best deck in town, imho. The squirrels are getting so aggressive!

This guy is within inches of my tennis shoe! He thinks I’m going to be a messy eater…


Unrelated, Jim made cookies:

Now, before you pass judgment, I’ll just say, JIM BAKED COOKIES! Then I’ll say, these are somewhat unusual: they comprise only three ingredients — eggs, peanut butter and sugar (and a dash of vanilla). He found them on Facebook, posted by a cousin who is a cookie-eater. He had sugar left over so poured it over the whole batch before it went into the oven (uh.. maybe that was kinda weird).

I’m eating one now. It tastes like baked peanut butter with sugar. Nothing really not to like.. just a tiny bit odd.. but I’m going back for another.