Our Rock Yard

March 2, 2021

Ruben is extremely pleased with himself. So pleased, he brought his wife and daughter to see it this evening. I’m pretty pleased, too.

I also got an email from the metal panel people in LA letting me know the panels are done and ready to be picked up. That’s what those four 4x4s will support. The tops of those 4x4s will be cut off, of course. The metal panels will be shorter than the wire screen. And then there will be a new fence on the south side. We have a few more plants to get into the ground and a large plant that will be in the copper planter… oh, and our address thingie, which will be next to the sycamore. And that ought to complete the front yard! Ruben thinks we ought to add lights. I’m sure that’s a non-starter with Jim.

Eventually, the pistache will grow and the dwarf strawberry tree.. and the flowers and scrubs will fill in. Should only get better….

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