Jim’s Harbinger is Harbinging

January 30, 2021

Every year about this time, Jim begins to watch a particular almond tree — located in the alley between University and B, 3rd and 4th — for first signs of Spring. This alley is part of our regular trek to downtown. He might watch the tree for weeks before anything happens.

Not this year.

Not expecting to see anything just yet, we walked past the tree on our way to Farmer’s Market this morning, and, to our surprise, there was a single blossom. (Last year, it was February 8th before we saw our first buds becoming full-on flowers.)

Anyway.. not earth shattering, but there it is. Spring comes a week early to Jim’s harbinger tree.

At first, nothing really stood out (it’s there, but hard to see) ….

But I zoomed in…and there it was. Looking closely, you can actually see more than the one, but they are few and far between, and very hard to spot.

It prolly happened minutes before we turned down the alley! By next week, it ought to be in full pop.

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