Ta Da!

January 29, 2021

Not that I broke any puzzle speed records or anything…

I found this one so challenging! But lately, I’m finding all jigsaw puzzles challenging! Is it me??

Not worried about it.

And how odd is it that I’ve managed to lose two pieces? I’m the only one who works on the thing, nobody’s been in our house (well, hardly anybody), and I am so obsessively tidy about the whole puzzle process. Miguel vacuumed up one of the pieces, but salvaged it (and returned it to me in four layers!). So I guess, as Jim said, I completed a 997 1/2 piece puzzle.


My order was: sky, ferns, non-blue water, blue water, then ohmygodtherocksandgranite and nottomentionthetrees!

But it’s done. Whew. Time to read!

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