A Three Crew Day

January 11, 2021

Big doings on A Street! Patios were poured, flagstone was laid, and other good things happened inside, too, on a most productive January day.

A few pics of the productivity:

Ruben and crew stacked what used to be our front yard path stones around the sycamore tree and it looks great! Wasn’t in the plan, but we had all those stones, and it’s a good use for them. They also worked on that circular pad. They’d poured concrete last a couple weeks ago and today started with putting flagstone on top. The winding flagstone path was finished a couple weeks ago.

Lots of front yard work to do.

And, in the backyard, Stuart and his crew poured cappuccino colored concrete, then highlighted it with some sunbaked clay. That highlighting happens with a powder that they scatter over the wet concrete.

Then they stamp it. It’s done by laying those rubber squares down and stomping on them to leave an impression.. then moving it to another wet spot…

And then it ends up like this!

It’ll get washed off in a couple days and the forms removed.

Then on to the surrounding raised beds, arbors, screens, orchard.. and eventually some furniture. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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