Good Rabbit Hole

January 10, 2021

I’ve been in a rabbit hole all afternoon.. right up until this moment.. as I just finished the annual Peterson Family calendar for the coming year. Most everyone should have theirs by February. Yay me.

So, yeah, I was way tardy on getting it together this year. I’ll blame it on 2020. I don’t mind saying it’s one of the more tedious tasks of the holiday season — thanks in good part to Costco’s wonky custom photo calendar interface — but I’m always glad to have one of these calendars, and I know everyone else likes theirs, too. So … worth it.

But what’s even better is the trip down memory lane as I search my vast digital photo archive for photos of everyone and his brother (literally). Which inevitably takes me down the always wondrous, hilarious, shocking photo rabbit hole… which is a really fun place to go.

I don’t have much to report on this evening, and largely avoided news again today so don’t have anything to rant about… so how about some of my photo finds?

Me and mom at the beach… a block from our first house in Manhattan Beach.

Peter looking all cute in the park..

Our first trip to Yosemite.. the start of a tradition that is now 22 years and counting…

Me on the phone in Grandma’s kitchen… I’m 3 years old (and two months)…

Drink and a cig.. always…

His climbing career started early and never let up..

Awwww… I love this one so much.. (Matty, John, my guys, Chris)..

Me and Aunt Phyllis… she was a very dear woman (Uncle Bud’s sis)…

I have no recollection at all, but know it’s during my first year at UCSD.. better send this one to Peter…

See? Good rabbit hole.

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