Breathing, Breathing… Not Swearing

January 3, 2021

Day #3 of not swearing. I modified it slightly: I can light swear, (damn, hell okay), I just can’t use the f-word. Writing that makes me feel prudish, suddenly. Sigh.

And what a day not to swear! The Washington Post first, then everybody else, released a tape of the soon-to-be former president (can I get a hell yeah!!) pressuring the Secretary of State of Georgia to “find” votes that would flip the outcome in Georgia in Trump’s favor. On the tape, he tosses out a few veiled threats, all the while going from one conspiracy theory to another about the votes being tampered with. I mean really. The recorded phone conversation is an hour long and the excerpts that have come out (actually, the whole thing’s available for the world’s listening pleasure) are just total mob boss. The thing that impresses me (and not in a good way) is how stupid he sounds. He is just such a jerk. Great gobs of the tape are bleeped due to foul language (speaking of potty mouths). And I gotta ask: Are you still standing by your guy, evangelical Christian conservative MAGA people?

Just good lord.

Breathing, breathing, not swearing, not swearing.

So… as I listened to CNN’s coverage of the latest of Trump’s craven, brazen lawless acts on this, his T-17th day left in office, I focused my energy on the green portion of this puzzle, having finished the sky last night:

Very meditative.

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