Eating My Way Through the Holidays

January 2, 2021

That’s the title and main riff of one of my favorite parts of the annual Home for the Holidays concert.. a song written by Bill Edwards, local guitar meister and musician extraordinaire. I have the lyrics somewhere.. I’ll add them to this blog entry when/if I can unearth them (“Swallow some, wallow some, then I go back for more; I’m eating my way through the holidays, ’cause that’s what the holiday’s for!”).

In the meantime, it’s exactly what we’re doing over here at A Street. Kitchen’s still got a bunch of candy, cookies, toffee, brittle.. doing my best to get through it all so I can start my annual forever plan to eat well. We also have an icebox full of leftovers that we are making our way through. Tonight’s dinner will be leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes au gratin.. all from Christmas Eve. This morning’s breakfast was the near-last of a chocolate babka (or monkey bread, actually) and my all time favorite gingerbread muffins (I’m down to the mini ones). Man, I love those muffs.

And I’m just about to pour myself a mug-o-hot glögg.


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