November 19, 2020

This is getting old, isn’t it. Hardly nuthin left to say, but it’s still pouring forth… how do we find ourselves here? I will never understand the GOP not calling this sh*t out, letting him continue to wield the power, define the party. It’s just bizarre. Could they really not find somebody better to carry republican water?

I hardly fault him, because he’s just completely sick and we had his number from day one and could see how amoral, creepy and sad he is. No business being in government. And I hardly fault the voters (the evangelicals and the yahoos) because, well, it’s all they’re capable of. I DO fault educated, privileged voters because they’re just selfish and care not a a wit about anybody else, but I lay most of the blame at the feet of corrupt republican legislators who can’t win w/o cheating and who are using trump and his ignorant base to cling to power because they can’t earn it outright.

(Yeah… I’m mad and disgusted and just beyond frustrated that we all have to suffer because of this supreme stupidity and injustice.)

Just for my own historical memory of these days (while plenty will be available for everyone to read when this is all over and the books are written)… I’ll just note a few things.

Rudy’s the legal department now. All the other credible attorneys, mostly, bailed. They are 0 for 30-ish (with maybe a small inconsequential victory on one of the cases somewhere). Chris Cuomo made the point tonight that, in order for a conspiracy to continue to grip and inspire Trump’s people, it has to remain untested in any legal way (b/c it’s nothing more than a conspiracy… e.g., this whole thing about voter fraud and rigged elections). Testing it in a real court reveals its bogusness. A conspiracy is best when it’s something to be disproved. You can’t prove it right in a real court (b/c it’s a lie). So they are blowing this by going to court. And Rudy, who can’t supply evidence, is sweating brown stuff out of his hair over it. So gross. So beneath.

And, on top of 1 hour and 45 minute press conference fiasco (which I gratefully did not see), today was just more of Trump in desperate, caged animal mode, thrashing (tweeting) and hail marying. Vengeful (sabotaging Biden’s everything), childish snowflake. He can’t (nor does he want to) lead. He only wants to be the president. He. can. not. lose b/c losing is for losers. Of which he’s one and can’t bear it. Super stuck, the poor guy. Can’t buy, cheat or talk his way out of his loss … so we’re just watching him fuh lip out. It’s ugly. And delicious at the same time. But also scary and deeply unsettling. As I said to Vicki this morning on our crazy beautiful walk: I’m more anxious now than before the election… both for what holy hell he’ll wreak in the next 60 days, and for the prospects of having to deal with his desperate cries for attention and power over the next four years. We will stay stuck in manic, toxic trump mania forever, it seems. And it’s not right.

Which I think is exactly what I wrote about yesterday.


Like I did a couple days ago, I’m going to assuage all this anxiety with some nice fall pics — my favorites from today …. speaking of crazy beautiful walks.

Can you believe those? Pointing and clicking right and left. Just too beautiful for words.

2 Responses to “Oy.”

  1. Elliot Margolies Says:

    It’s like you’re inside my head putting my random ragged-edged thoughts into a succinct, orderly, seemingly effortless summary. Thanks. And for those great photos.

  2. Kari Says:

    Right? It’s making me crazy.

    I love looking at your daily flickr pics.

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