Whether Weather Matters

November 22, 2020

Had two family conversations today, one with Peter, who’s now under snow in Ann Arbor, and one with Chris who went surfing in sunny Southern California today.

Me, I went for a walk with Janet on the North end of town this afternoon. We are hitting our full fall stride here in Davis, peak color — as usual, right around Thanksgiving.

I couldn’t keep my camera in my pocket.

This is taken from that Julie Partansky deck/overlook into where the ducks hang out (it’s late, I’m forgetting what that’s called).

This is just along the greenbelt, duck hangout to my right, the North Davis pond to my left.

This is walking along the northern boundary of Davis, looking west toward Lake Berryessa hills.

North Davis Farms to my right, ditch to my left.

As seen in the ditch.