It’s Sinking In…

November 11, 2020

… and it’s not a sinking feeling! It’s a feeling of lift and light. And it feels so so good.

Took a lovely walk downtown (as I guess I do pretty much daily lately) for a sandwich and coffee at Cloud Forest, while listening to the Pod boyz (Pod Save America). So deliciously wonky and smart…. and today, so hopeful.

We can let mr irrelevant fade from our consciousness. We can let him stew and froth in his own vomit, trying to hold on to some kind of twisted sense of self importance and power. The rest of us, though, can move on and enjoy a return to boring politics and democratic in-fighting between the factions in our party. At least we know our fighting comes from a place of decency and humanity. The foundation of progressive politics is caring for one another and the planet. We at least have facts and science and truth on our sides as we duke it out over fast v. slow solutions.

I know I’m being gauzy about it. I know there will be plenty of ugly politics to come. I know things will get frustrating and panicky soon enough. But I’ll say it feels so much better being on this side of the fight, standing up for humanity and a better life for all.