To Each Our Habitat

November 24, 2020

Scanning through my pictures from today.. searching for inspiration for tonight’s blog. There were numerous interesting and lovely shots of the creek and downtown.. it’s fall after all and everywhere you look, it’s a jigsaw puzzle-worthy view. Those, and I had some good food shots and some backyard progress shots.. and whatnot.

I decided to use two shots–one of Jim in his habitat and one of me in [one of] mine.

First, Jim.

Jim participated as an expert witness in a 2-hour deposition this morning. Like everything these days, it was over Zoom. Jim doesn’t Zoom much, so, in preparation, we tested his set up to make sure his lighting and framing were okay and his audio was clear and, well, audible. I was in the annex (my new favorite room in the house) and Jim was in his office. While we were testing the connection, he got a phone call… so, while I waited for him to be done with that, I took this screen shot.

I’d cut his hair last week so he’d look all professional, and he wore a collared shirt (quite unusual!). I think he’s absolutely smashing.

He did great, too. The trial, if it comes down to that, is in a couple weeks.

Okay, now me.

So, of course this shot is way more about the exploding firework of a gingko tree behind me, but it does capture me in my usual habitat (walking around Davis), doing what I love to do (taking pictures).

Can you believe that thing? I am so excited to have just planted a gingko in our backyard (like, three days ago). Can’t wait to see what it does next fall!!