Following the announcement of Biden’s victory on Saturday late morning, I dropped into Newsbeat yesterday to get a copy of the Sunday New York Times for what I expected would be a sizzling headline for the ages. I wanted to make sure I had a copy of whatever their front page announcement of Biden’s victory would be for my little box of keepsakes. (Don’t laugh Jim!) (It’s not a little box.. it’s more like a set of four large file cabinets stuffed full of personal memorabilia.)

Even though it was still Sunday morning, they were sold out! Boy, was I bummed. Terrence (the owner) said he — in anticipation of the certain Davis demand — got extra copies, limited purchase to one per customer, put them all behind the counter to avoid chaos, and…. ran out within an hour. At 11am, I was way late.


Well, in its place, I offer these: