Plants Gonna Be Planted

November 18, 2020

I know I haven’t written anything political for days. It’s not that I haven’t been tracking… I have. I’m pretty knotted up. It’s incredibly disturbing to watch a person unravel, worse to watch an entire GOP continue to keep their wagons hitched to said unraveler (I mean, WTF). It’s scary to imagine where this goes over the next two years.. four years. It’s despairing to think we actually have to deal with this stupid, damaged man. I just don’t have time for this shit. I want a boring government full of committed public servants just doing their good government thing. Meanwhile, a quarter of a million people in this country have died as of today — a seriously shocking number — and, not only is he, and he alone, hugely responsible for that, he has zero interest in doing a damn thing about it in his last two months in office, choosing instead to hide out in the White House watching TV and tweeting, mortified that he actually lost, realizing that he can’t buy or cheat his way out of this new mess.


So.. yeah.. been tracking. Feel sick about it all, and quaking in my boots about where we’re all going.


But, let’s talk about progress on a different front. Two major developments today. We got our concrete contractor’s bid for the patio thingie and raised beds! Weeks and weeks late, but at least we’re somewhere now. The bid’s crazy high.

Secondly, out of the blue, Ruben and Steve showed up with plants! This weekend, they’ll get planted. Then irrigation. Then hardscape. Then patio furniture. Then we’re sort of on our way to a new backyard.

This is Steve figuring out where to put all the plants, according to Claudia’s plan. Thank goodness for Steve. He’s also going to help figure out an alternative to the very expensive raised beds in Stuart’s bid.

See? On our way!

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