Knock Knock

September 17, 2020

Who’s there?

UC Davis.

UC Davis who?

UC Davis when the smoke clears.

Yep, I made that up. Right on the spot.

It was a sparkling morning… cool, bright, sunny. Coulda danced around the arboretum today. Vicki and I just walked, though, then went to a very crowded Mishka’s — a lot of folks sitting outside on a gloriously smoke free day. Here are a couple of pics…

First, we saw this pure white duck. Had never seen him before. The photo was very low rez, so I spuzzed it up with some Prisma..

And a couple of path shots…

You’ll note color, shadows… and I’ll just tell you, the sky was blue.

For us Davisites, who’ve literally been under a blanket of smoke for a month (with only one day that I can remember when the AQI was almost safe), it was just plain fantastic.

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