Dreaming of Containment

September 10, 2020

Haven’t been outside in forever (fires = unbreathable air) so no pictures to post of Davis’s late summer loveliness…

(That’s actually not true. I ventured out today to deliver a thank you bottle of wine to Steve the landscape guy. It was gross. Not Steve, not the errand.. but the air, the ash, the colorlessness. The ash.. omg. You walk out of the house these days and ash swirls in the turbulence you create just by moving. My car was covered in it. When I opened my car door, ash poofed up all over the place like if you dropped a big rock in a cold and spent campfire pit. I was wearing black leggings and I hesitated to sit on the front seat b/c it was covered in ash. My leggings ended up with little ash smears all over them. I made my delivery and got back inside.. after brushing and shaking myself off. And I should note, the fire that’s probably causing all this bad air is the Creek Fire, over two hundred miles away. There are fires that are closer, but they aren’t nearly as big and that huge LNU fire which burned 363,000 acres all over the Berryessa, Santa Rosa, Napa, Vacaville areas is now 95% contained. Which reminds me of a couple of statistics I heard today: 2.5 million acres of California has burned, which represents 2% of all California land.. although now I can’t remember if that’s this year or in the last few… and 95% of fires are caused by people who do stupid things and are therefore preventable, which makes me sick.)

(That was quite an aside.)

So, I don’t have any outside photos.

I’m spending great gobs of time indoors, like everyone in California right now, so I took a picture of my view just a moment ago so I could post something.. it’s a nice view.

I’m lying on the window seat, which is incredibly comfortable, looking toward the kitchen. Enjoying the remodel so so much during this pandemic/fire shut in time.

I’m reminded of when Peter was an infant, Jim and I had all these “stations” for Peter to hang out in… we’d mix it up to keep him from getting bored (or something.. not sure why we moved him around so much). And we had names for all of these stations… the dome of pleasure (one of these fabric self contained entertainment units with the overhead dangly things), the barcolounger (it was nothing of the sort, but was some kind of baby bed that we set up adjacent to our own that he never slept in at night because he slept with us forever, it seemed), the vibrolounger (one of those vibrator chairs), the swing (can’t remember its name, but it was one of those things you wound up and they would swing and swing), and so on.

(That was also quite an aside.)

Anyway, I think of that now because that’s me these days. I go from window seat, to desk, to leather chair, to other desk, to other leather chair, back to window seat. I might throw in a stint on the futon in Peter’s room, and yesterday I even sat on the couch for a while. I find it hard to get comfortable after a while.. too much sitting. I have a route in the house that measures out to about a quarter mile; it’s repetitious, but saves me when I’m going stir crazy and can’t get outside.

They say the Creek Fire will be contained by late October.

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