September 3, 2020

[Note: Still trying to get my sea legs with the new block editor here.. so not attempting anything too fancy tonight. I should say, the tech support team was pretty great last night. Couldn’t solve all my issues last night but this morning I got final resolution on the last of the problems — a few lines of code I needed to insert into my engine.. that was a bit new for me.. but it worked. There will be more changes, but I’ll explain those later.]

So.. the respite to which I refer in the title is respite from the smoke! Vicki and I could walk today. We were able to complete the entire loop around the arb.. which was the first time in OVER TWO WEEKS!

Here is a celebration photo.

You can see all the poop; these guys have just moved right in and claimed this whole section of the path on the far west end of the arb. I think they got kind of used to a people-free environment while we were all stuck in our houses, and maybe got a bit to comfortable. We’ll see if the gaggle remains as the days go on.

The other thing celebrate today is another summer bounty dinner. It was a night of leftovers, but it was summer fare-rich… you got your tomatoes (best of the summer so far), avocados, peaches, zucs, broc, more tomatoes, basil, cabbage, garlic, and rice. And Turkovich.

It looks like I eat a lot. And I do. (#immagoodeater)

I am exhausted trying to will this blog into shape.. but I will say it’s easier tonight than it was last night.

The nice tech support woman told me I’d be best off changing my theme. That is hard for me; I’ve used this “Simpla” theme since 2008. So we’ll see what that change brings. I do feel a renewed sense of anxiety around getting this entire blog into print form. I’m a lot of years behind on that. This seems like a good time to go there.. been putting it off for a very long while. After inserting those lines of code, I feel a bit emboldened.

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