September 1, 2020

Ever since the 2016 election, I’ve been reading–daily–an email summary of the news, written by a guy named Matt who lives in Seattle. He was incredulous about the firehose of shocking news blasting us from day one of the current clown car of an administration and started his daily summary, entitled, “What the Fuck Just Happened Today.”

He starts with a single paragraph that captures the main news items (as relate to the machinations of the administration), then, fully referenced, provides detail on each item below that, interspersed with resources and some humor. He’s a funny guy, and from what I can glean, smart and full of humanity.

I’ve sent him some money here and there to support his effort, and own a WTFJHT t-shirt. I’m a fan. He’s got a huge following; I recommend subscribing.

Last week, at the end of the day’s newsletter, he posted this blurb:

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 9.41.58 PM

Sounded like a great project, so.. I thought about it and came up with this:




Not entirely sure it’s what he was looking for, but it was fun to think about.


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