Walk, Podcast, Flowers… Repeat

March 22, 2020

IMG_5103 2

I haven’t figured out everything about managing my time during these long, homebound days, but one thing I can rely on is lots of walks. I am also upping my podcast game. Building a nice library as we speak. Besides a bunch of NPR program favorites (Hidden Brain, This American Life, Fresh Air, Wait Wait),  I discovered one yesterday called Pod Save America that I really enjoyed (a bunch of dem strategists, strategizing) and have a few more queued up: Buddhist Boot Camp, Unlocking Us (Brene Brown), Rachel Maddow, and The Daily, which has been great for deeper dives into current news.

I can also imagine walks could be a good time to have phone conversations with people. I’m actually missing people.


Those were daisies along B Street and a pretty blooming tree at Community Park.


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