For Christmas, Jim gave me a hammock.  We thought, heck, we have a new backyard deck and wouldn’t it be grand, come Spring, to be able to hang around on said deck swinging to and fro in a fancy new hammock!

Here are Peter and me trying it out… but ouch, it’s not very comfortable on a hard wood floor!


So, Jim did a bit of research and came up with a design for a hammock stand. He worked up some plans….



And has now started building the frame…

This is the bonding part.  Jim cut to form five or six sheets of plywood and has been glueing them for a couple three days, I think. This is one of two legs.


And here, I believe, he’s sanding the other of the legs (sheets have been cut, bonded and set already, as you can see):

He chose this kind of hammock stand because I have an irrational fear of things crashing to the ground.. so hammocks that are attached to vertical posts or trees with bolts or hooks (or whatever), for example, freak me out. (This relates to my phobia about upper cabinets coming detached from walls. We won’t go into this.)

More pics later.. but I’m pretty excited!