… but it was pretty damn great for a rare Sunday breakfast at home. Sequestered as we are, we couldn’t have brunch downtown, so Jim made some lemon zesty waffles (using whipped egg whites for extra fluff).


They were exceptional.

Our waffle iron makes waffles in the shape of barnyard animals, yes it does.


He put them in the oven to crisp them up a bit. Yum.


This will be us for the next 8 weeks (the CDC came out with new guidelines today that require folks to pretty much stay put for the next 8 weeks, restaurants and bars may now shut down — they are in NYC — we can’t gather in groups now larger than 50, and people 65 and older are effectively on lock down).


This part will be okay though.

And remember…


There will be tragedies, losses, deaths.  There will be plans that are canceled which will seriously mess people up.  Most people’s lives will be turned upside down, like all over the world.

We can deal with a few weeks (or couple months) aways from Crepeville, Bernardo’s and Pub Quiz.