Like I Needed Cookies

March 29, 2020

This is the problem with immersing oneself in the world of food-cooking-baking-organizing thereof…..   for example: the NYT food section (I subscribed about 6-10 months ago and am drowning in piles of recipes I’ve printed out and can’t wait to try); Youtube cooking videos (I actually watched a ton of Julia Childs videos this morning of her preparing vegetables… so, so entertaining); my decades-long recipe project (which is now spread out on our huge project table in the pantry/laundry room, with piles arranged by food type, binders full of already-tabbed and sheet-protected recipes, file folders full of recipe dreams of yesteryear, file folders of seasonal menus and recipes, baskets full of clipped recipes … you get the idea)….


… the problem with being immersed in all that is that is you find irresistible recipes for cookies, which, combined with long days and short to-do lists…. leads to baking a buncha cookies you might not need.  Like these:


Which are fantastic, both as raw dough and as finished products. Dense, chewy, with hard, crystalized edges… like perfect brownies.. but cookies, instead.

Tried to get a good closeup:


Here’s the recipe:


My one problem… thought I had unsweetened cocoa, but I had thrown all the containers out that I’d had when I moved stuff into the new pantry (they were old). So had to go with sweetened chocolate milk powder. The cookies are fantastic, but definitely sweet.

(And I feel a little sick.) (Feel like an ice water diet is in order.)